Privacy Policy

 Section 1 – The Policy

This Data Privacy Policy is between Zing Recruitment Group Ltd (incorporating Zing Fintech Ltd, ZRGSOLUTIONS Ltd, and Julius Parker International Ltd) whose registered office address is 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1X 3AX, hereinafter called “Zing”, “we”, and “us”; and the signee, hereinafter called “The Signee”, “You” and “the individual”.

This privacy policy is held between the signee and Zing Recruitment Group. By agreeing to this policy, you confirm that your personal information may be used by Zing Recruitment Group and its subsidiary organisations (as outlined in section 1, paragraph 3) for a fixed period of time (as outlined in section 7). How the signee’s personal data will be used is outlined in the following text of this document.

The Zing Recruitment Group is comprised of three subsidiary brands, namely Zing Fintech, Julius Parker and ZRG Solutions. These three brands collectively collaborate on recruitment projects and seek to fill organisational job vacancies as a unified organisation. As such, Zing Recruitment Group shares data between all three of its subsidiary brands. The trading address for Zing Recruitment Group, Zing Fintech, Julius Parker and ZRG Solutions is Zing Recruitment Group, Wellington Gate, 7-9 Church Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1HT. All organisations are contactable via telephone on 020 8706 0760 or via email at

Section 2 - How We Use Your Data

As a recruitment consultant, we find legitimate interest in using the data of UK and EU citizens. Our interest in your personal data is of benefit to you, as through utilising your personal information we may identify for you more profitable, rewarding roles. We believe these new roles will maximise the use of your key skills and provide you with a higher level of job fulfilment.

For these reasons we collect, prior to being given consent by the concerned individual, the personal data of EU and UK citizens. Prior to obtaining the individual’s consent, this personal data is held on a temporary basis (no longer than 30 days). During this time, we aim to contact the individual in question as to obtain their consent to utilise their personal data, and to work with them to find job placement opportunities that provide both greater use of their skillset and higher financial return per annum.

To respect the data privacy rights of the individuals in question, we do not hold the individual’s personal data for any longer than the 30 day temporary basis without clear, unequivocal consent from the individual themselves.

We use your personal data solely for purpose of recruitment only. Specifically, we use the following items of identifying personal data, and for the following reasons:

Name – We use your name to identify you as an individual, to allow us to address correspondents with you, to check information about you against other record sources, and to, where applicable and with your consent, to source references.

Current Job Title – We use your current job title as a method of quickly checking your appropriateness for job roles.

Address – We use your address for any required postal correspondence, and to check how relevant job vacancies would be for you, based on your current location.

Email Address – We use your email address for correspondence with you, and in many instances as the primary method of transferring written information.

Phone Number – We use your phone number for the purposes of communicating with you. In most instances, this will form the primary method of communication between you and us.

Other Communication channel details – In some instances, you may prefer to communicate with us through alternative communications channels, rather than email, phone or by mail. In these instances, we store the relevant information to contact you via these communication channels. We request that you submit the details required for these alternative communications channels to us if you would prefer to be contacted by such methods, and agree to allow us to store them for the purpose of contacting you.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) – We use your Curriculum Vitae as a source of information to check your skills, abilities and working history to establish your relevance for job vacancies that we have, as to place you into the most applicable role for you.

A link to your Portfolio of work (if applicable) – In some professions, a portfolio of work is a relevant and appropriate method of displaying your talents. In these instances, we will store a link to your portfolio if it is stored online, or a copy of your portfolio itself if it is held offline.

URL to your LinkedIn Account – We store links to your LinkedIn account, as an alternative method of checking and verifying your skills, abilities, talents and working history.

Current Company – We store the details of your current employer for the purpose of investigating your most current job role, thereby allowing us to check the appropriateness of your skills and talents for job vacancies that we are trying to fill.

Salary – We store your current salary and salary expectations as to allow us to find the most appropriate job vacancies for you.

Work Visa information – Where applicable (for non UK / EU nationals), we store information of your work visa as to evidence your eligibility to work in the UK.

Notes regarding you, based on our correspondence with you. – During our time corresponding with you, we will collect information about you and store them within our records. The purpose of this is to allow us to better establish your requirements from a job, and to find organisations which best fit you in terms of your skills, personality and abilities.

Section 3 - What data we hold and how

We store the information types shown in section 2 for the purpose of matching your talents, skills, abilities, requirements, and personality to job roles in organisations that we work with. As such, our aim in using your personal information is to find you a job role that makes the most of your talents, provides you with the maximum financial reward for them, and provides you with the closest fit for your requirements. This data is retained within our customer relationship management (CRM) system (as described in section 6) for the time period agreed by both parties involved (as described in section 7).

Section 4 - Who we share data with

As recruitment consultants, we will be required to send your personal information to potential employers so that they can assess whether you are applicable for the job vacancy that they are wishing to fill.

Our recruitment consultants will send an anonymised version of your CV (with all the information that can be used to identify you removed) to potential employers. This is a process that we are required to perform when acting as recruitment consultants on your behalf. We shall notify you to inform you when we are sending your data to potential recruiters.

Section 5 - Where we find your personal data

We source information regarding you, the candidate, from a variety of places.

Firstly, we source your information from you. We obtain this by way of you sending us your CV and personal information by email, through submissions to our website and through correspondence over telephone and other communications methods.

We source information from secondary sources. These secondary sources include:

    ZipRecruiter UK
    CV Library
    Stack Overflow
    Crunch Base

When we source your data from these secondary sources, we will alert you within 30 days as to let you know that we have done so, and to confirm that the information found is accurate.

Section 6 - Where data is processed and stored

After we source your personal data, either from you or secondary sources, we transfer it to our third-party customer relationship management (CRM) system, Bullhorn. As such, bullhorn act as a data processor for us. For more information on Bullhorn and their commitment to protecting your personal data via the General Data Protection Regulation, please visit or read their article regarding their commitment to GDPR here.

Data entering our website through individuals applying to our online job adverts, or through individuals registering to our website is stored within the website’s servers. This information is only accessible within Zing Recruitment Group website management team. Externally to Zing Recruitment Group, this information is accessible to our website host and provider, Purple Penguin Ltd.

When stored within Bullhorn, your personal data is encrypted and stored within a password-protected system, only accessible from within our secure office terminals. Data within bullhorn is only accessible to our consultants within our offices between 5am and 9pm.

Section 7 - How long we store data

To protect your personal data, we hold our records for only a limited period of time.

Initially, if we find your details and are interested in contacting you, we will store your details for no longer than 30 days whilst we attempt to contact you. If we do not get in contact with you during this time, we will remove your data from our records.

If we get in contact with you, and you are interested in working with us to find a position, we will request that your data is stored on file for a fixed period of time. This time period varies depending on whether you are seeking permanent or contract work. For individuals seeking contract work, we store your personal data for no longer than six months. For those individuals seeking permanent positions, we store your personal data for no longer than two years.

For individuals applying to our online job adverts, we will request that their personal data is stored for the time period of the application process.

For all individuals who are successful in achieving a new job role through working with us, we request that their personal information is stored on record for a period of no less than one year, so we may perform administrative activities such as checking on the progress of that individual, monitoring their success, and to allow us to achieve financial reimbursement for our services rendered to the employer.

One month before the previously outlined time that we hold your data expires, we will contact you to request that we hold your data for an additional period of time. This allows us to provide you with an extended service, new job opportunities, relevant information regarding your industry, and to keep in touch regarding your progress. Furthermore, we gain greater insight into you as an individual, allowing us to provide even more accurate understanding of you and your requirements.


Section 8 - How often we check with you to check your data is correct

If you are looking for or have obtained permanent work through working with Zing Recruitment Group and its subsidiaries, we will contact you after eleven months to see if you wish to remain on our records. It is at this time that we check to see if your details are still correct. We will send you a copy of the data that we hold on file and request that you check it is correct and notify us to inform us of any changes. For individuals on looking for or performing contract work, we will contact you every five months as to check that your details are correct.

Section 9 - Candidate’s rights over their data

Although we require your personal data to provide you with our service, your personal data belongs to you. As such, you have certain abilities and rights regarding your personal data. You maintain the right to be forgotten and may contact us at any time and request that your personal data is removed from our records. You may also request a copy of the data that we hold about you and may request that your data is updated or amended to reflect your current situation. Zing Recruitment Group reserves the right to refuse your request for a copy of your personal data if you have made frequent requests for a copy of your personal data during a limited time period. You may contact us at any time to withdraw your consent for us to store and use your data. Finally, you may contact us to request that you are kept informed about how your data is processed.

To request a copy of your personal data, or to request that it is modified, deleted, or not utilised please contact the Zing Recruitment Group consultant who you have been working with, or contact Zing Recruitment Group on 020 8706 0760, email us at, or contact us by post at Zing Recruitment Group, Wellington Gate, 7-9 Church Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1HT.

To remove all personal data relating to you within this website (although not from our wider systems) simply login and click here.

Section 10 - How we protect your data

At Zing Recruitment Group, we take the great care over keeping your data secure.

Firstly, all of your data is kept within our CMS system, Bullhorn. This is a passworded, secure system with access limited to weekdays between 5:00am and 9:00pm, and only accessible from inside our office. Furthermore, this system is only accessible from inside our password office terminals and kept encrypted when not in use.

Data entering our system in response to our online job adverts is stored within Broadbean, our cloud-based recruitment software, which itself is accessible to our consultants inside our Bullhorn platform. When contacting our consultants by telephone, your data is entered directly into our bullhorn platform.

As such, our process has been designed to keep your personal data as secure as possible.

Zing Recruitment Group reserves the right to modify or supplement this Privacy Policy statement at any time. If we make any material change to this Privacy Policy, we will update this Site to include such changes and post a notice on our home page, for a period of 30 days, with a link to the updated Privacy Policy. Please read any such notice and the new policy statement. If you return to this Site after a period of more than 30 days, please check this Privacy Policy to confirm that you are aware of the details of the most recent update. Please look at the top of this Privacy Policy to check the date that it was updated and to confirm that you are familiar with the terms of the most recent update. Your continued use of this Site after we post such notice will constitute your acceptance of the new terms and their application to your use of this Site and the personal information disclosed for such use, including personal information previously furnished us, as if they were the initial terms, and your consent to the use of your personal information as described in this privacy policy and elsewhere at our Website. However, we will seek your consent if we want to use your personal information for purposes other than those you have agreed to previously.

Section 12 - Website Links

This Site may contain links to other sites, including those of our business partners, vendors and advertisers. While we try to link only to sites that share our high standards and respect for privacy, please understand that we are not responsible for the content of, or the privacy practices employed by, other sites.

Section 13 – What information do we collect about our website users?

a. Anonymous browsing

You can visit this Site without telling us who you are or revealing any information about yourself, including your email address. In this case, our Web server may collect the name, address, the IP address and domain you used to access this Site, the type and version of browser and operating system you are using, and the web site you came from and visit next. This information is used by us and our business partners to measure the number of visits, average time spent, page views, and other statistics about visitors to this Site in general. We may also use this data to monitor site performance for systems administration purposes, to make this Site easier and more convenient to use and to report information in aggregate form to our advisers (e.g. how many visitors log in to this Site).

b. Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data stored by your Internet browser on your computer's hard drive, which permits us to recognize you when you access this Site. If you are browsing, a cookie is used to help us measure the number of visits, average time spent, page views, and other statistics relating to your use of this Site. If you are searching, a cookie is used to carry the search request data from the request page to the results page. This cookie, by itself, doesn't tell us your email address or who you are. If you decide to register on-line with us, we may collect additional information to provide tailored job opportunities or other information to you (see Personal Information Collection below). In this case, we use cookies to recognize you on subsequent visits and make your on-line experience more convenient, unless prohibited by law. Please note portions of this Site will not function if you do not accept cookies. Tracking user preferences also helps us serve you targeted advertising. Targeted advertisements are probably more interesting for you and are more productive for our advertisers.

c. Personal Information Collection, Use And Distribution To Third Parties Generally

There are times when we may ask you for or you may choose to provide information about yourself or your business to assist us in meeting your various needs. This information may be used for the following purposes: answering your questions, providing you with services you have requested, giving producers and developers of the Site information that is useful in determining appropriate new features, content and services, to provide advertisers with aggregate, not individual, information about our customers, or informing you of additional services or job opportunities provided by Zing Recruitment Group or by our business partners, that may interest you.

To provide these services, we may need to ask you directly to provide, among other things, your name, mailing address, postal code, email address and phone number ("Registration Information"). You may also elect to apply on-line to a job posting (free of charge). At times, we also conduct on-line surveys to better understand the needs, profiles, and experience of our visitors. You will be given the option to participate in such surveys. Unless you request to receive the results of the survey via email, no personal information is requested during such surveys and all information is used on an aggregated basis only. If, during the registration process, you indicate you would like us to keep you updated on new site developments and information about our services or about offerings from Zing Recruitment Group, we will send you these updates by email.

If you contact Zing Recruitment Group we may keep a record of that correspondence. We do not collect the email addresses of those who communicate with Zing Recruitment Group via email. We use the information provided only so that we may respond to the email. We do not knowingly solicit information from children and we do not knowingly market our services to children.

When you provide personal information to us, we may communicate and disclose it to third parties for the purpose of fulfilling, servicing and completing your requests and the transactions related to it. These third parties may be in the UK or in other parts of the world. By registering with Zing Recruitment Group, you agree that your information may be shared with third parties for the purpose of fulfilling, servicing and completing your requests and transactions related to it.

We may share data with Google and its subsidiaries and use data that you have shared with Google and its subsidiaries through interacting with their websites. We use this information to gain a greater understanding of our audience, which allows us to provide them with a better service, more tailored to their needs.

We may also aggregate statistics that we gather about the visitors to the Site, sales, traffic patterns, and services and provide these statistics to third parties; however, when we do, these statistics will not include any personal information that identifies individuals. We may also use, disclose and communicate your personal information if required to do so by law including by an order of any court. Although we use all reasonable means to ensure that the information you provide to us is not used by third parties for purposes other than those described in this Privacy Policy, Zing Recruitment Group is not responsible for any improper use of your personal information that is beyond our reasonable control.

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